Seasoned Actor and Local Playwright Steve LaRocque on Dancing at Lughnasa | Quotidian Theatre Company

In addition to our latest rehearsal blog post, yesterday also saw the online publication of a beautiful new essay by seasoned actor and local playwright Steve LaRocque. The piece serves as a perfect introduction to the play Dancing at Lughnasa and Quotidian’s production of it, and can be read in full at DC Metro Theater Arts.

Here’s how it begins:

“Old friends are the best friends. Shortly after I came to the Washington, DC area in 1994, I had a chance to portray the irascible S.B. O’Donnell in Brian Friel’s play Philadelphia, Here I Come. I loved the playwright’s impish humor and lyrical lines; his unsparing evocation of life on the margins of sufficiency, where there’s precious little to put away for the rainy day that is surely coming.

“Eighteen years later, I’m rehearsing the role of Father Jack in Quotidian Theatre Company’s production of Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa…”

Continue reading here.

Dancing at Lughnasa opens Friday. Advance ticket reservations are available now.

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