Critics Love “Beautiful, Poignant” Dancing at Lughnasa! | Quotidian Theatre Company

The reviews are in! Critics love Quotidian Theatre Company’s Dancing at Lughnasa!

Above: Doug Krehbel as Gerry, Rebecca Ellis as Chris, and David Dubov as Michael.
Top: Doug Krehbel as Gerry, Rebecca Ellis as Chris, Leah Mazade as Kate, Stephanie Mumford as Maggie, Alyssa Sanders as Rose, Laura Russell as Agnes, and Steve LaRocque as Jack.
Photos by Audrey Cefaly.

“Poignant and intimate. Actresses Leah Mazade, Stephanie Mumford, Laura Russell, Alyssa Sanders, and Rebecca Ellis exhibit strong chemistry as a close knit family that lovingly tolerates each sister’s respective foibles.

“Mazade manages her conflicted, meaty role with tenacity and grace. Steve LaRocque pulsates with energy and gives a scintillating, chimerical performance. David Dubov’s warm presence and wistful delivery guide the action like gentle, invisible hands. Craig Allen Mummey manages the script’s relationships and slowly building tension with care.

“This captivating, emotional production will make you want to hug your family and friends and dance the night away. Highly recommended!”

  – Ben Demers, DC Theatre Scene

“4.5 stars! Director Craig Allen Mummey lovingly directs an exceptional cast, and everyone shines… a youthful and sensitive Rebecca Ellis, an uninhibited Alyssa Sanders, a charming Doug Krehbel… Laura Russell’s sweet, shy Agnes provides the only maternal streak evident among the sisters, and Stephanie Mumford gives a lighthearted portrayal filled with uninhibited dancing.

“Quotidian Theatre Company’s Dancing at Lughnasa will bring a bittersweet smile to your lips and a warm feeling to your heart.”

  – Natalie McCabe, DC Metro Theater Arts

Widely regarded as playwright Brian Friel’s masterpiece, Dancing at Lughnasa is a memory play about five unmarried sisters eking out their lives in a small Irish village. Quotidian Theatre Company’s production of this drama runs through May 20.
Tickets can be reserved by phone at 301.816.1023 or email. For more information, click here.

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