Auditions for The Iceman Cometh at Quotidian Theatre Company

Quotidian Theatre Company seeks non-Equity actors for the first production of their 16th season. The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O’Neill will be directed by Michael Avolio and will run October 25 – November 24, 2013 at The Writer’s Center in downtown Bethesda, MD. Performances are Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons, with one additional afternoon matinee on Saturday, November 23. Rehearsals will start slowly in August and will take place on weeknights and weekends. All actors will receive a stipend. QTC is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Professional Theatre.

[Update: all audition time slots have been filled. We thank you for your interest!]

If you would like to audition, please send an email to with a recent photo and acting resume. All submissions must be received on or before January 26. Auditions for the roles listed below will be held in Bethesda in the afternoon and evening on Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3, and possibly the evening of Wednesday, February 6. If you are selected to audition, you will be emailed the link to a form to fill out online, followed by audition specifics and sides. Auditions will consist of readings from the script; no monologues are necessary. Accents for applicable characters are encouraged but not required. The play is set in New York, 1912, and some accents are specified below. The full script of The Iceman Cometh can be found online at

Available roles are:

ROCKY PIOGGI, bartender: male, 30s-50s, Italian American, New York accent.
HUGO KALMAR, former editor of anarchist periodicals: male, 40s-60s, Caucasian, German accent.
WILLIE OBAN, former Harvard law school student: male, 25-40s, Caucasian.
JOE MOTT, former owner of a gambling house: male, 40s-60s, African American, New Orleans accent.
DON PARRITT, son of a political activist: male, 18-25, Caucasian.
CECIL LEWIS, “THE CAPTAIN”, former Captain of British infantry: male, 40s-60s, Caucasian, English accent.
PIET WETJOEN, “THE GENERAL”, former leader of a Boer commando: male,  40s-60s, Dutch accent.
PAT McGLOIN, former police lieutenant: male, 40s-60s, Caucasian.
ED MOSHER, former circus grifter: male, 40s-60s, Caucasian.
MARGIE, tart: female, 18-25, Caucasian, New York accent.
PEARL, tart: female, 18-25, Caucasian, New York accent.
CORA, tart: female, 20s-30s, Caucasian, New York accent.
CHUCK MORELLO, bartender: male, 20s-40s, Caucasian, New York accent.

The roles of Hickey, Larry Slade, Jimmy Tomorrow, and Harry Hope have been cast.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you!

About Quotidian Theatre Company:

Our mission at Quotidian Theatre Company is to find truth and beauty in the everyday, presenting plays in an understated, impressionistic style. This is a theatre that doesn’t rely on special effects; just piercingly truthful acting and no-frills storytelling about the poetry of everyday life. By providing realistic situations and dialogue, Quotidian lets audiences witness events as if over a backyard fence or through an open window, thus illuminating the depth and dignity of ordinary human experience. Est 1998 in Bethesda, MD.

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  1. Wow. Fantastic idea for your theater Jack!

    Gillian Drake- forgive any misspelling, poor grammar or inelegant syntax – could be victim of evil auto-fill.


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