Volunteer Opportunities at Quotidian Theatre Company

Quotidian Theatre Company would like to offer you a role in our company. If you have ever had the hankering to find out what goes on behind the scenes at a small professional theatre company and are interested in volunteering to help the members of Quotidian’s board in their off-stage roles, please let us know. Our needs are varied and we are willing to train. In return, you will receive free tickets to our shows and a place in our theatre family! Please review your options and contact us by phone at 301-816-1023 or email at quotidiantheatre@comcast.net if you would like to sign up. We would be most grateful for your service!


Help John Decker and Steve LaRocque Build Sets or Stephanie Mumford with Costumes


Assist Michael Avolio, David Dubov, and Audrey Cefaly with PR and Marketing


Work with Michele Osherow, Leah Mazade, and Laura Russell on Fundraising


Help Jane Squier Bruns and Sharon Dodd with Box Office and Mailings

One thought on “Volunteer Opportunities at Quotidian Theatre Company

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  1. Dear Quotidian,

    I’m interested in volunteer for Quotidian, and would like to find out what kind of qualification would you need for volunteer in the area of PR/Marketing and Costumes.

    I was born in China, grew up and educated in Taiwan, did graduate work in US. Last worked for Lockheed Martin on International Business Strategy and Development. Retired now. Since retirement, I’ve been taking courses on literature and film at local colleges.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks, Julia

    Julia Liu 301-365-9520

    Sent from my iPad


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