Broadway World Review: Quotidian’s THE LADY WITH THE LITTLE DOG a Gorgeous Chamber Piece

IMG_5671Read the glowing review of the show by Chekhov scholar and reviewer Andrew White on Broadway World.

Here’s a sample that we really like…

“As Anna, Chekhov’s heroine, Chelsea Mayo captures the quiet desperation of a woman who has been taught her whole life to deny herself everything-and who genuinely struggles with the prospect of happiness, especially because it comes so furtively. She is romanced by the shore at Yalta by Dmitry, played here with relish by Ian Blackwell Rogers, an admitted roué but one who has found in Anna the soul-harbor he had sought for so many years. Their respective spouses are played here by pianist Roberts and violinist Kharazian; in keeping with the story’s conceit, both actors portray them as the very models of stale conformity, each creating an emotional void which Anna and Dmitri are desperate to escape.

“Guiding us gently through the story’s twists and turns is none other than Anton Chekhov himself, played with discretion and charm by David Dubov. One of Mumford’s most effective strokes here is to have Anton interact constantly with his characters, so that the tale is not so much an authorial fait accompli as matter of negotiation with the characters themselves.”

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