THE NIGHT ALIVE on DC Theatre Scene’s “Don’t Miss” List

DC Theatre Scene‘s Tim Treanor lists QTC’s production of THE NIGHT ALIVE as one of his “won’t-miss shows”. Get your tickets today, so you won’t miss it either!

“I’m also going to make a point of seeing The Night Alive, Conor McPherson’s NY-Drama-Circle-Award-Winning Play, when it comes to Quotidian on October 20. The Irish have a patent on loneliness and failure of the sexual imagination, and it gets full play in this story of two (straight) men who share a room and a hardscrabble business. When one of them rescues a prostitute from a beating and takes her home with him, it disrupts more than their lives. Quotidian, which produces its work in a small theater within the Bethesda Writer’s Center, specializes in the subtle and the underplayed, which is just perfect for this play.”

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