A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur

by Tennessee Williams

Featuring Michele Osherow, Malinda Ellerman, Erika Imhoof & Stephanie Mumford.

QTC Archives: 2009-2010 Season

July 9 – August 8, 2010

Set in the West End of St. Louis in the mid-thirties on a lovely Sunday for a picnic at Creve Coeur Lake. This delightful play, featuring four of Williams’ most engaging female characters, skillfully explores, with comic irony and great tenderness, the meaning of loneliness, the need for human connection, as well as the inevitable compromises one must make to get through “the long run of life.”

Directed by: Jack Sbarbori
Featuring: Michele Osherow, Malinda Ellerman, Erika Imhoof & Stephanie Mumford

Quotidian Theatre Company delivers an excellent production notable for the sparkling quality of the performances. …this cast imbues the characters with dignity, pathos and charisma, and the result is gripping. Imhoof’s rendering of Bodie – plain, a little lost – endears her to the audience. Stephanie Mumford seems to be laboring under a cold; she manages to make the illness work for her. Her condescending and arrogant Helena sounds even more pretentious than the lines require, with her raspy hoarse voice and disdainful coughs. The grating conflict between these two women kept the show interesting. Michele Osherow as Dotty is appropriately pitiable as a victim unaware that she has been victimized. She makes an excellent foil against both Bodie and Helena, and is essential in tying all of the plot elements together. It is easy to overlook the small part of Sophie Gluck, the upstairs neighbor, but Malinda Lee Ellerman delivers a wonderful performance with such an outstanding mix of body language, facial expression and intonation. This production is a rare treat: one of the lesser known and produced plays from one of America’s greatest playwrights. As far as I am concerned, every day is a lovely day for this “Creve Coeur.”

Ted Ying, DC Theatre Scene- Read the Review

Quotidian brings lesser-known Tennessee Williams work to life. “Creve Coeur” is an intriguing blend of sadness and humor, a poignant, substantial play in which Williams creates four unforgettable female characters.

Barbara Mackay, DC Examiner – Read the Review

“A Critic’s Choice. …a must-see production since the four actresses give performances of a lifetime and there should be an award winner here.”

Bob Anthony, AllArtsReview4U

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