All My Sons

by Arthur Miller


QTC Archives: 2004-2005 Season

June 10 – July 10, 2005

Arthur Miller’s first Broadway play focuses on the reality of the American dream and the cost of war.

Directed by: Norman Seltzer
Featuring: Barry Abrams, Kevin Baker, Chris Batchelder, John Collins, Leo Goodman, Simone Grossman, Ghillian Porter, Louis Sanders, Ted Schneider, Andrea Spitz, and Sherry Tyra

Louis Sanders and Barry Abrams in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons

You can see some great, inexpensive theatre in this town, if you know where to look for it. Companies like Keegan, Alliance, Charter and American Century feature some of the finest talent in the D.C. area, and they charge a fraction of what you spend at the National and the Kennedy Center. Add to that list the Quotidian Theatre Company. The most expensive ticket for their current production, a revival of Arthur Miller’s 1947 tragedy “All My Sons,” is just $18. So what do you get for less than 20 bucks? Only a superlatively acted rendition of an early masterpiece by one of America’s finest playwrights…

…The 1940s period details in Quotidian’s production — the hairdos, Stephanie Mumford’s costumes, the props — are all flawless. Director Norman Seltzer has done an excellent job of eliciting fine performances from all of the cast members, especially the four leads. Lois Sanders and Ghillian Porter create heartbreaking portrayals of the two women in Joe Keller’s life who desperately want to believe in him. Leo Goodman’s sensitive, intense turn as Chris is equally poignant. Best of all is Barry Abrams’ powerful performance as Joe, a man whose jovial smile hides a rictus grin of sheer rotting corruption…

Doug Krentzlin, The Examiner Washington

A Potomac Stages Pick for a thoughtful presentation with an emotional punch

Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages – Read the review

Lovers of insightful, morally complex drama — and especially of Arthur Miller — should be thankful Quotidian Theatre has seen fit to bring this neglected classic to the stage.

Deryl Davis, Washington Theatre Review

Pick of the week

Washington City Paper

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