James Joyce’s The Dead

by Richard Nelson & Shawn Davey

Pictured: (Foreground) Steve Beall, Janice Hall, Leah Mazade and David Dubov.

QTC Archives: 2012-2013 Season

November 16 – December, 2012

James Joyce’s The Dead is a musical adaptation of Joyce’s famous 1916 short story set at a Christmas party in 1904 Dublin. Opening at Playwrights Horizons, this work had a triumphant Broadway run and national tour. This understated, intimate work features music and dance which are a perfect fit for Joyce’s words. Featuring renowned opera and cabaret singer Janice Hall as Gretta Conroy. Director – Jack Sbarbori, Musical Director – Valerie Higgs

…a fantastic job of imbuing every scene of this ensemble piece with humor and heart. Again and again I was struck by how each moment was carefully and lovingly crafted. Each character had history and personality down to the toes of their boots and each song moved the story forward – devastating and uplifting in turn. In so many musicals I have seen, there have been a famous star or one huge mega musical number – but in this production every actor and every song and every moment is memorable.

Jessica Vaughan, DC Metro Theater Arts – Read the Review

The Quotidian Theatre Company’s new production of James Joyce’s The Dead… could be the best holiday theater surprise of the season.  Quotidian’s 2012 version of the show is remarkably successful. As Gabriel and Gretta Conroy, Steve Beall and Janice Hall ably carry the show, but in an admirably understated way.  Quotidian’s supporting cast rounds this Christmas party out nicely.

Terry Ponnick, DC Theatre Scene – Read the Review

The surprisingly lavish and tuneful production of James Joyce’s The Dead at the Writers Center in Bethesda is packing audiences in, proving there is space in the holiday season for something other than jingle bells.

Roger Catlin, MD Theatre Guide – Read the Review

Alexandra Desaulniers of theatreWashington provides a look at the collaboration between Quotidian and the New Century American Irish-Arts Company – Read the article

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