Mill Town Girls

by Audrey Cefaly

Veronica del Cerro in Audrey Cefaly’s Mill Town Girls

QTC Archives: 2006-2007 Season

April 13 – May 13, 2007

Quotidian Theatre Company continues its tradition of producing new works. Audrey Cefaly brings to the stage the long-awaited and delightful prequel to her smash hit Fin and Euba. Mill Town Girls (Florida gulf coast, circa 1986) explores the earlier lives of the two eponymous characters of Fin and Euba. The play exposes the family dynamics of a lonely Baptist preacher, an eccentric Home Economics teacher, and two strong-willed and struggling young women, learning to come to terms with their lives and prospects.

Directed by: Audrey Cefaly
Featuring: Maura Stadem, Veronica del Cerro, Robert Hebertson, & Audrey Cefaly

Veronica del Cerro and Maura Stadem in Audrey Cefaly’s Mill Town Girls

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