by George Bernard Shaw

Maura Stadem in George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion

QTC Archives: 2006-2007 Season

July 5 – August 6, 2007

The delightful comedy which inspired the musical My Fair Lady. A British linguistics expert meets his match when he transforms a cockney flower girl into a refined young lady. Shaw’s brilliant wit drives this classic, utterly charming comedy.

Directed by: Stephanie Mumford
Featuring: John Allnut, Michael Avolio, Jane Squier Bruns, John Decker, Steve LaRocque, and Maura Stadem

“Superb performance” by Maura Stadem as Eliza.

Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages

LaRocque “hilarious” as Eliza’s father… Mumford does “admirable” staging. 

Krentzlin, DC Examiner

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