Talking Pictures

by Horton Foote

Jonathan Feuer and Steve LaRocque in Horton Foote’s Talking Pictures

QTC Archives: 1998-1999 Season

The D.C. area professional premiere staged at the Writers Center, October 1998.

A sharp debut for a new company.

Susan Berlin, The Gazette

Jewel-like in its setting and performance. A Horton Foote script demands (but ever so gently) a staging that illuminates our least obtrusive realizations, insists on a romance with the ordinary. This is archetypal Horton Foote – quiet, dutiful, understated but never dull. Stephanie Mumford is absolutely luminous as Myra: sweet, old-fashioned, soft-spoken, quietly romantic. Intermission welcomes Quotidian to the challenging world of Washington theatre with congratulations on their splendid inaugural offering.

Kate Blackburn, Intermission

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