The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov

Jane Squier Bruns & Steve LaRocque

QTC Archives: 2010-2011 Season

July 8 – August 7, 2011

Chekhov’s final play looks at societal changes in early 20th century Russia, love, and loss in a masterful combination of comic and tragic themes.

Tanya Anisimova

Internationally-known cellist and composer Tanya Anisimova continues to successfully combine her concerts with her composing and recording projects in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. As was the case with our production of The Sea Gull, Ms. Anisimova has once again graciously allowed us to use her recorded works to enhance this production of The Cherry Orchard. Please visit her web site at

“Sbarbori’s actors handle the subtleties of Chekhov’s plot sensitively. They demonstrate the gradual process of accretion by which Chekhov establishes character, theme and story. They don’t hurry the pace at which individuals meet, realign relationships, assess their fates. But the production’s pace is not static. In fact, the best scenes are provided by four actors who represent the play’s major sources of energy.  In this production, it’s possible to see why the mosaic, a pattern rather than a straightforward line, was Chekhov’s true goal.”

Barbara Mackay, Washington Examiner – Read the Review

Jenn Pommerenke & James Flanagan

“All of the rich complexity of the original has been kept intact and performed with resoluteness under Sbarbori’s direction.  (Steve) LaRocque’s Lopakhin is a consummate exemplar of this complexity…  Jane Squier Bruns and John Decker are in full control of their characters, the tragic Lyuba and her flighty brother Leonid.  Decker’s meanderings into overly sentimental and rhetorical speeches are especially funny, played with wry artfulness.  Stephanie Mumford’s costumes are pleasing and delightful… they imbue the elan of a much larger production.”

Roy Maurer, DC Theatre Scene- Read the Review

“This mesmerizing production of The Cherry Orchard does justice to Chekhov’s genius. Do not miss it!”

Mariya Danilenko, MD Theatre Guide- Read the Review

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