The Seafarer

by Conor McPherson

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November 12 – December 12, 2010

This West End and Broadway hit mixes comedy and the occult when a mysterious stranger joins a card game on Christmas Eve in Dublin.

Directed by: Jack Sbarbori
Featuring: Steve Beall, Ted Schneider, John Decker, David Dubov and Andy Brownstein

Steve Beall, Ted Schneider, John Decker, David Dubov and Andy Brownstein

“Seafarer” a haunting, hilarious holiday tale.  Decker plays Sharky as calm and soft-spoken throughout the play…  When Lockhart threatens him with eternal damnation, his calm turns to quiet shock and he begins to drink heavily.  Beall is effective as the loud and demanding Richard, whose high spirits are just a cover for a deep depression about his life. Schneider is entertaining as Ivan,a generous, simple guy who can never seem to do the right thing — until the last moment of the play. Dubov is effective as the fast-talking, slightly shady Nicky, who is now living with Sharky’s ex-wife. Brownstein gives a cool and collected portrayal of Lockhart, one of the most entertaining characterizations of the devil ever written. Brownstein’s description of hell is bone-chilling.

Barbara Mackay, The Washington Examiner – Read the Review

John Deckder and Andy Brownstein

…an interesting addition to the traditional holiday fare that theatres are offering. …evolves into a compelling story of salvation.  …a bravura performance by Brownstein as Mr. Lockhart.  His long monologue describing Hell is worth the price of admission. ….they make a convivial group of drunken misfits who long for human connection and who can create comedy out of misery.  … McPherson arranges a satisfying resolution with a nice twist at the end.  …Quotidian Theatre Company’s production of The Seafarer delivers a satisfying story of the opportunity for personal redemption.

Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene- Read the Review



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