This Lime Tree Bower

by Conor McPherson

Michael Avolio, Chris Stinson, and David Mavricos.

QTC Archives: 2014-2015 Season

July 10 – August 9, 2015

It is the off-season at a coastal chipper north of Dublin as three young men recall events including a false accusation, a career embarrassment, and a bold act of retribution.  McPherson’s early jewel combines the drama, comedy, and quotidian details which provide the audience with his deep insight into the human condition.

“…No sound is dissonant which tells of life.” -Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Featuring Michael Avolio as Ray, David Mavricos as Frank, and Chris Stinson as Joe.
Directed by Jack Sbarbori

‘This Lime Tree Bower’, early McPherson gem at Quotidian

Not as well known or as often produced as Conor McPherson’s later works The Weir, Port Authority or Shining City, this superb production of This Lime Tree Bower is every bit as worthy, in the custody of Quotidian Theatre Company, which has become the best stage to experience McPherson’s plays in the Washington, D.C. area.

Roy Maurer, DC Theatre Scene – Read the Review

With a mixture of uncertainty and bravado, and underlying them, a wide-eyed, childlike innocence, Joe recounts how he became corrupted by the delinquent Damien, the irresistible “bad boy” new to the school who taught him to smoke, go on the mitch (play hooky) and go after girls. Stinson is endearingly convincing…

Leslie Weisman, DC Metro Theater Arts – Read the Review

The three actors in Quotidian Theatre’s production give convincing portrayals of their characters’ idiosyncrasies: A wide-eyed Chris Stinson draws easy sympathy for Joe and his earnest struggle with adolescent identity. David Mavricos plays Frank as the world-weary everyman, doing what anyone might do with thousands of pounds of debt and easy access to northern guns (this is pre-euro, pre-Good Friday Agreement Ireland). And Michael Avolio has the most fun role of the degenerate Ray, though he resists making him a cartoon drunk, remarking on his vices quite matter-of-factly, as if discussing the weather.

Mike Paarlberg, Washington City Paper – Read the Review

The three storytellers in Quotidian Theatre Company’s “This Lime Tree Bower,” on the other hand, spin Conor McPherson’s Irish tale with low-key confidence. This 100-minute show — a string of interlocked monologues from three men — nicely captures the wry caper quality of McPherson’s early play…
Director Jack Sbarbori creates a simple fish-and-chip shop set at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, but the atmosphere really comes from McPherson’s characters. They tell tales that gradually overlap, starting with young Joe (Chris Stinson), who carries on about a friend of his. Brother Frank (David Mavricos) gets mixed up with the local mob, while friend Ray (Michael Avolio) teaches philosophy but always seems to be on a bender.

Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post – Read the Review

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