A LESSON FROM ALOES in Today’s World

by Laura Giannarelli I am so excited to be working with such a great cast to bring Athol Fugard’s A LESSON FROM ALOES to life in 2016. When I was approached by Artistic Director Jack Sbarbori about directing again at Quotidian, and he suggested this play, I went to my bookshelves to re-read it. It had been... Continue Reading →

South Africa and A LESSON FROM ALOES

by Steve LaRocque With Maytag Virgin sadly receding in the rear-view mirror (a lot of people liked that show, for very good reasons), we move on to Quotidian's second offering in the 2015-16 season, Athol Fugard's A Lesson from Aloes, directed by Laura Giannarelli and featuring David Dubov, Laura Russell, and Addison Switzer.  I have... Continue Reading →

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