2017-2018 Season

QTC's 2017-2018 SEASON Horton Foote's A Coffin in Egypt in rep with Conor McPherson's St Nicholas November 15 -  December 17, 2017 QTC marks its 20th Anniversary season by celebrating two of its very favorite playwrights with two actors who have excelled in bringing their works to life. Horton Foote's masterpiece, The Trip to Bountiful,... Continue Reading →

Acting Backwards by Elliott Kashner

Quotidian Theatre welcomes Elliott Kashner, who will be playing the charismatic Father Flynn in QTC’s upcoming production of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt: A Parable. Even though rehearsals have not yet begun, Elliott was asked to provide a few thoughts on his approach to taking on the enigmatic character. "Brian O’Byrne and Cherry Jones used to... Continue Reading →

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