Faith Healer rehearsal blog | Quotidian Theatre Company

Prior to the opening of Quotidian Theatre Company’s next production, Brian Friel’s storytelling drama Faith Healer, actor Laura Russell discusses the lies and truths told in the play's conflicting narratives. *** Many years ago, I read Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried. The book recounts several tales more than once, each with a different emphasis and outcome: the reality... Continue Reading →

Special Event: Complimentary Play Reading of Frankie’s Market | Quotidian Theatre Company

Following last Sunday's successful presentation of Steve LaRocque's Byline: Ernie Pyle, we're pleased to invite our audience to another special event during our critically-acclaimed run of Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa! At 5pm this coming Sunday, May 6, Quotidian Theatre Company presents a complimentary play reading of Frankie's Market by Raphael Falco. Frankie’s Market is... Continue Reading →

Critics Love “Beautiful, Poignant” Dancing at Lughnasa! | Quotidian Theatre Company

The reviews are in! Critics love Quotidian Theatre Company's Dancing at Lughnasa! "Poignant and intimate. Actresses Leah Mazade, Stephanie Mumford, Laura Russell, Alyssa Sanders, and Rebecca Ellis exhibit strong chemistry as a close knit family that lovingly tolerates each sister’s respective foibles. "Mazade manages her conflicted, meaty role with tenacity and grace. Steve LaRocque pulsates... Continue Reading →

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