The Day Emily Married (2021)

by Horton Foote

QTC Archives: 2019-2021 Season

August 6 – 29, 2021

Set in 1950’s Harrison, Texas. Emily Davis is about to be married and she is determined not to let her parents talk her and her new husband, the  ambitious Richard Murray, into living with them.  Per New York Times Ben Brantley’s 2004 review, “If Harrison’s stories of wrecked marriages, closet vices and family feuds give it a surface resemblance to Peyton Place, it also has a fair amount in common with the blasted heath of King Lear and the arid fields of Samuel Beckett’s tramps. The author of the resonantly named Orphans’ Home Cycle of plays and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Young Man From Atlanta, Mr. Foote is a master of the distinctive art of balancing everyday domestic clutter over a pit of existential darkness.” Featuring Jane Squier Bruns (Lyd Davis), John Decker (Lee Davis), Roxanne Fournier Stone (Emily Davis), Andy Greenleaf (Richard Murray), Laura Russell (Maude Cleveland), Elizabeth Darby (Alma Nash), and Star Bobatoon (Addie).

The Day Emily Married was directed by QTC Artistic Director Jack Sbarbori, a Horton Foote expert who discovered Foote’s never-produced play, originally titled The Indian Fighters, at the Library of Congress. Foote gave Sbarbori permission to give The Day Emily Married its world premiere staging in 1997 in Silver Spring, MD, several years before it was produced again with Estelle Parsons and Hallie Foote at Primary Stages in New York City.  

Photos by Steve LaRocque.

QTC Interview with Horton Foote’s Acclaimed Actress Daughter, Hallie

Watch the Interview

“Their last production before closing, this latest example of the fortitude and courageousness from our Quotidian treasure is a final opportunity to catch a truly remarkable work. Don’t miss it.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts, Debbie Minter Jackson – Read the Review

“The Day Emily Married is unforgettable-as a play, for its indelibly-written characters, and as a Quotidian production, it is a beautiful swan song for one of the rare gems of the Washington Theatre scene.”

Broadway World, Andrew White – Read the Review

“The acting is solid; the staging, lighting, costumes well thought out; and the actors restrained in letting loose the emotionally volatility until it’s needed.”

Maryland Theatre Guide, Mary Ann Johnson – Read the Review

“I wanted to … let you know how much I enjoyed The Day Emily Married. That cast was one of the strongest I’ve ever seen at Quotidian (or elsewhere) and the direction was spot-on. It was an additional delight to read of the play’s astonishing provenance. Please convey my respect, admiration and appreciation to Jack, both for his work on this great play and for bringing it to public attention, and for the honor he (and the rest of the company) has done to the art in his years at Quotidian.”

DC Theatre Scene Co-founder, Tim Treanor

“(It) was great to see The Day Emily Married last night. Really enjoyed the cast and the production – and kind of a feisty play for Foote.”  

theatreWashington, Michael Kyrioglou

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